Life often escapes explanation, and because the Salesian Preventive System is the “hallmark of our vocation in the Church,” it is the defining characteristic of who we are.  And yet, the Preventive System is a style of life “that finds its inspiration in the charity of Christ the Good Shepherd and its model in Mary’s motherly care.”  For this reason, it’s really not something that can be explained in a few words, but that said, I will try…


The Preventive System is our inheritance, it is a wealth that has been passed down to the Salesians by our Father, Don Bosco, and it represents a whole change in the way we deal with others.  It requires looking at people with God’s eyes, seeing His presence in them.  The Preventive System is our spirituality, our way of interacting with one another and our way of dealing with the young. 


St. Paul says we are known by our fruits, and one of the most visible fruits of this Preventive System is the way that we live in our communities, as teachers, and with the young (the educating community) – we live the Family Spirit.  This Family Spirit is a way that each person’s gifts and talents are appreciated, and their contribution to the common mission (the salvation of the young) is valued.  Each person’s gifts of nature and intellect are used and put at the service of all.  Another beautiful result is that people do what they love.  In other words, with the Salesians, your gifts are put to good use, and you do what you are good at!

5 comments on “Salesian?
  1. vcastaldi says:

    Sister thank you for your prayers. I love Jesus so much and I love Mary. I’m sure you do too. I love you sisters and i will be praying for your souls. “Trust in Mary Help of Christians and the Sacraments and you will know what miracles are.” -Don Bosco. Please pray for the salvation of my soul. En Spem Excelssiae.
    -In Christ,

  2. happynun says:

    Vinny, thanks for your note. Be sure that we are indeed praying for you. Our past students should know that we pray for them EVERY day…God bless you!

  3. Sr. Claudia Mae, FMA says:

    Proud to ba a Salesian!

  4. Diane says:

    Hi, I really love the art work on this page of Jesus with the children and the lambs, have been trying to find the print and learn about the artist any information about this painting would be greatly appreciated. thank you Diane

  5. Pat Johnson says:

    A wonderful tribute to your religious family. You, Sister so wonderfully explained your love for the Salesians by letting others know that “people do not cae how much you know until they know how much you care.” You have pointed out the solid foundation of love and happines especially for the young. We know that to build a relationship on anything other than love and dedication that goes beyond ourselves is in a way building on sand. Your community truly wants happiness and growth and you, Sister are so much a part of it. I will include your entire religious family as each Sister gives in their own way and each one forms this life, builds and truly loves.

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