Come And See

Salesian Vocation Website
If you are a young woman between the ages of 18-35
who has never been married and is in good health
and you are interested in visiting our order…mark your calendars!
Really!  Be daring! Be brave!  Jump right in!
Remember, you are just visiting – not signing your life away.
You may just have a beautiful time and want to stay!
You won’t know until you TRY.  

Here are our Spring dates:

February 7 – 9

March 14 – 16

May 16 – 18

August 1 – 6

Call Sr. Colleen Clair 732 – area code – 597-3988
or e mail her at happynun(at)
to let her know when you can make it!


3 comments on “Come And See
  1. Jennifer Alongi says:

    Hi Sister Colleen! I just emailed you and look forward to hearing from you soon!

  2. Jose Lucero says:

    Sister You rock!!! How long have you had this website up? How long did it take you to create this? Can I borrow this idea and create something like this? Would it work for us? What do you think? Not everyone is on Facebook and it may be a great idea to do something like that. Keep up the great work!!!

  3. Amy Bird says:

    thank you sister for letting me come and see your lovely convent and i am so grateful that i came and i would like to come back.

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