Top 100 Nun Blogs!

A short time ago, I received an email from the Catholic Dating Site.  Yes, I was perplexed, but figured I should look into it.  You never know when someone who is discerning marriage might realize that the Lord has other plans!

Photo on 11-15-13 at 8.23 AM

Sr. Marianette waves to her fans!

The Catholic Dating Site has put together a list of the Top 100 Blogs by Religious Women.  I thought I would share it.  There is a beautiful mix of styles and reasons for blogging.  I’ve pasted the link below so you can check it out for yourself:


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I'm a Salesian Sister - a Daughter of Mary Help of Christians. I've given my life to Christ for the young and the poor. My work lately has been vocation work, and this has given me the opportunity to meet some very generous and admirable young people.

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2 comments on “Top 100 Nun Blogs!
  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your blog. Fun,and pure in content and spirit!

    I am Catholic and weekly blogger with the Huffington Post.
    Recently I have lived twelve years in Assisi, Italy. Every day was such a gift!
    I have just finished writing a new book:
    The Love Letters: Saint Francis & Saint Clare Meet Pope Francis
    It is all about the great heart of spirituality of Francis and Clare and the love, humility,
    and grace they offer Pope Francis and us all!

    I hope you can take a minute and look it over~!
    I appreciate you sharing the book with our Catholic community!
    You can see it in the book section of our web page:
    (We are a silent retreat center near Napa, California & Assisi, Italy.
    Or you can find it on Amazon.
    Many thanks, yes many thanks!
    Lots of Lenten and Easter Blessings,


  2. Mary Kathleen Glavich, SND says:

    Thanks, Sister, for posting the list of nun blogs. Mine this week is in honor of the Year of Consecrated Life and connects it to Mary. You might check it out at It might be helpful with your vocation work, a challenging but all-important task as I know from personal experience! Many blessings on you and your community.

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