A sense of humor

Mother Mazzarello had a sense of humor to her. One day, perhaps it had been a particularly trying day, she asked her Sisters to be prepared to receive a fine woman into their company. Everyone was to put their best habit on and find their way outside to receive this honored guest.

Everyone was really excited about the splendid visitor about to enter their midst. So out went Mther Mazzarello to bring her guest into the outdoor party. The Sisters were in stitches when she returned. This ‘fine young lady’ was none other than the cow…all dressed up in ribbons

Mother Mazzarello had a sense of humor! But she also knew something greater – the importance of lifting one another’s spirit.


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I'm a Salesian Sister - a Daughter of Mary Help of Christians. I've given my life to Christ for the young and the poor. My work lately has been vocation work, and this has given me the opportunity to meet some very generous and admirable young people.

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One comment on “A sense of humor
  1. SaintlySages says:

    I’m in stitches, too. That delightful story really moooooooved me. ;-) God bless! Have a great weekend. Live Jesus!

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